I have been performing magic professionally now for over 28 years. In that time thus far I have performed over 4,000 magic shows, most of them for kids birthdays & family type events.  I have also performed in eight different shopping malls, two theatres, numerous schools and tons of daycares.  I also performed for the Jon & Kate plus 8 kids in December of 2008 as well as the Make-a-Wish foundation.  I am insured, have Pa child abuse clearance, and am both licensed and state-approved to raise and take care of little bunny rabbits.   
I have been married to the same wonderful woman for 25 years now and have 4 children.  When my children were little, I sometimes would use them in magic shows.  Now, they are young adults who work for me as professional balloon artists & face-painters.  If you hire me, you will meet some of them.  
In the show, I perform well over 30 really cool magic effects.  An ordinary newspaper that is slowly torn up into many pieces just inches from the audience.  Then, in a second, the entire newspaper is totally restored. There is an amusing rope routine, a trick pencil, multiplying balls, an American flag, liquids turning into solids, swords, fire effects(if allowed) and then of course the one thing that has always been my signature trademark, the magical production of lots of bunnies.  Lots of bunnies that can be pet and held!  How many different ways do you think there are to magically produce a bunny?  We hold nothing back in performing some of the best magic most people have ever seen!
 The birthday magic show that I am currently performing took 12 years to create and perfect.  The design of the magic show is unique, not just one trick to the next, and the presentation of it is hilarious.  Most of the shows I do at birthdays have kids and adults of all ages there.  Because I have experienced this type of varied age group time and time again I have learned how to present the show so it is equally enjoyed by all ages.  
We hope that you will indeed decide to have us perform a magic show for your next upcoming special event. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need more information. Thank you very much.