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How do I know which magician to pick?

We assume your goal is to see a bunch of cool magic tricks so at the very least, make sure you pick a magician that does a bunch of cool magic tricks.  From there just use your best judgement and everything else will fall right into place.


How do I know if the magician is going to do a lot of cool magic tricks?

The magician's set-up time is the key to determining the number and quality of magic tricks that a magician will do at your show.  If their set-up time is short (15 mins or less) then you're likely to get more talk than magic. Quality magic takes time to set-up.  At least 30 mins would be acceptable.  If they say it takes a day or longer to set up. you must have hired David Copperfield!


What sort of "packages" do you offer?

Well, we don't really have packages.  It's more like a buffet.  There's the magic show where we do lots of tricks and produce lots of bunnies,   And then we also can do face-painting and balloon twisting.  Oh, there's magic lessons too.  Pick & choose what you want and we can discuss the details. 


How much does it cost?

Good question!  Everybody seems to ask that.  Mmm, let's see, it will probably be more than $100.00 and likely less than $300.00.  It depends on what you pick from the buffet.  The location and size of the show is also a factor.  


How many bunnies do you produce?

Anywhere from 7 to 9. It all depends on their mood.


What is with the balloons and face-painting?

In addition to magic shows we also offer balloon twisting and face-painting which can be done before and/or after the show. The whole package with the show, bunnies, face-painting & balloons makes for a great party!


Is the show primarily for children or adults?

The magic show equally entertains kids, teens and adults & all ages in-between.  Everybody likes to see great magic tricks, no matter what their age is.  Also the presentation and design of the show is unique. Not just one trick to the next.  People are drawn into it because they want to see what's going to happen next.  At the same time I'm doing magic & making them laugh throughout.


Are any volunteers used in the show? 

Yes, plenty! So beware!


How many tricks are performed during the show?

Over 30!   It's hard to count them all but you're welcome to try.   


How much space does the show take up?

We can fit just about anywhere, from open auditoriums to your living room. 


Are the bunnies real?

Of course they are. They are also trained. They stay wherever I put them and they know how to look cute.


Answers we have come up with for the most frequently asked question asked before the magic show,  "Did you bring the bunnies?"

Oops, I knew we forgot something!

Do you see any bunnies?

You don't bring the bunnies,  you make the bunnies.


Why doesn't the Ladies Home Journal, Jon & Kate plus 8 article link work anymore?

The Ladies Home Journal Magazine is finally calling it quits after 131 years in existence.  They have removed all of their online content.  Fortunately I have a copy of the May 2009 issue.  Guess now I'll have to take a picture of the article and post it.  Patience on that of course.  Sorry.  


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